What is Public Sector Shared Services?

A collaboration for the provision of business services used across the NI Public Sector.

Why have Public Sector Shared Services?

  • To support the future delivery of Programme for Government Outcomes.
  • To optimise services provided at an appropriate cost.

What is the purpose of the Public Sector Shared Services Programme?

The Public Sector Shared Services Programme has been formed to consider options for collaboration in the provision of business services to the NI Public Sector.

What organisations are participating in the Public Sector Shared Services Programme?

The Health, Education and Central Government sectors (including all Non-Departmental Public Bodies) are participants in the Public Sector Shared Services Programme.

What services are being considered in the Programme?

The main services considered in the programme are HR, payroll, finance, ICT, procurement and logistics.  Determination of the elements of those services suitable for sharing will be informed by stakeholder engagement and responses to the Baseline Data Questionnaires to understand current delivery and user requirements.

How will services be structured in the future?

PSSSP is developing an outline business case (OBC) to assess options for the future of services. A preferred option for the way forward will be determined in this OBC, the development of which is being overseen by the PSSSP Board.

Any final decision on implementation will rest with the Northern Ireland Executive.